A.D.S Security

Telephone Tracking and PC Forensics 

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge mobile software for telephone tracking and PC forensics. This allows you to:
• obtain copies of texts sent and received to a phone, even if deleted
• log all numbers dialled and received, with call durations
• pinpoint a handset’s location via GPS
• record incoming and outgoing emails – copied to a secure area of your computer
The software is a very simple, cost-effective way to track communications for a wide range of reasons. Our software supports most handsets and is completely covert. It is easily and quickly downloaded to the handset and shows no visible sign of being there – with a 100% guarantee.

Trace mobile and landline numbers
Are you getting nuisance telephone calls? You could stop the harassment now.
We specialise in landline and mobile phone traces. Our services provide clear names and addresses of all registered numbers – even pay-as-you-go and ex-directory numbers. It is a simple and very effective method, with quick results.
At ADS-Tec, we do not use database that contain outdated information. We are a group of experienced private investigators that specialises in phone tracing. It means that when you order a search, you are hiring a private detective who will research a particular telephone number and ascertain the current subscriber information surrounding it. Our service is 100% guaranteed. In the unlikely event that we are unable to come up with any results, there is no fee.