A.D.S Security

Security Guards & Store Detectives

The presence of a retail security guard, smartly dressed in a company uniform, works as a crucial deterrent to would-be thieves. Customers can feel safer knowing there are retail security guards on duty while they shop. Store detectives can also play a vital role in combating shoplifting, especially in larger stores.

It can be a real challenge to maintain a balance between minimising stock losses and providing a friendly and safe environment for shoppers.
At ADS, it is a challenge we understand.

Well-trained, experience personnel

Our store detectives and retail security guards are trained to the highest levels, allowing them to deal with any situation that may arise during the course of a day.
Their training covers areas like customer care and social skills, fire safety, health and safety, dealing with incidents and emergencies, communication and reporting, as well as retail duties, patrolling, searching, crowd control and use of technology. It means that ADS store detectives can also complete processes like in-store loss prevention checks, helping to further reduce losses to a store’s profits.

Scheduling a site inspection

If you are interested in employing an ADS security team, our Retail Security Guard Team will first visit your premises for an initial site inspection, before drawing up a report that identifies health and safety and security risks.
Assignment instructions will be formulated in close discussion with you – these will give details of the location and description of the property, the agreed means of access, emergency procedures and communications, frequency of calls to the control room and record keeping and processes. Our security guard or store detective will then be given on-site training using these instructions.