A.D.S Security

Retail Security

We have built up long-term relationships with a number of national retailers that employ us to secure their premises and stock. We provide a fast and flexible service that can be adapted to ensure maximum security. This can include:

• High-profile uniform and non-uniform security officers
• Internal theft surveillance and investigation
• Loss prevention surveys and advice
• Distribution centre security and surveillance
• Witness protection

Effective, discreet security

Retail security must be effective, but it should never detract from a store’s ambience or the customer experience. The communication and observation skills of any retail security team must be finely tuned to ensure it delivers real value in such an intense environment. Working alongside an in-store risk ADS management team, we have developed systems and approaches that deliver solid loss-prevention results and increased comfort for the sector.
We can provide: 
• Till-point security and store detectives
• Receipt and purchase verification• Security reception duty
• Contractor access control
• Cash escorts
• Perimeter patrols
• Undercover investigation of internal fraud
• Emergency evacuation procedures