A.D.S Security

Residential Services

We can provide you with uniformed mobile security guards who are equipped with two-way radio and in constant contact with our manned control room.
The activities of our mobile patrols are controlled by a system that not only ensures its effectiveness and efficiency, with detailed reports of visits and rounds of inspection, but also provides unparalleled value-for-money security cover. We can provide emergency and temporary guards and staffing services for a variety of temporary, one-time and emergency jobs at competitive rates.
Of course, he cost of any service should always be balanced against the cost of potential loss or damages on or to the property.

A deterrent against would-be crime
The main function of a patrol service is to act as a deterrent against would-be thieves or vandals on a premise. The effectiveness of the patrol service depends greatly on the number and frequencies of patrol passes, and this can be adjusted to the area and risk of the property being patrolled.
We can assign mobile security staff to sites that do not require a permanent security presence. These visits can be particularly useful in the early detection of crime or vandalism, plus they can be used to check temperatures, boilers and report on back on other processes, as necessary.

Vehicle patrols
Vehicle patrols are available for sites that require a larger area to be watched.
We have trained and experienced staff to drive the patrol units with care, using suitable driving techniques. All of our patrol vehicles are equipped with in-vehicle video recording systems (law enforcement equipment) and decorated with reflective markings to identify them as security patrol and response units. At a client’s request, these vehicles can also be equipped with flashing amber lights.

Frequently asked questions
Q: What will mobile patrols do for you?
A: Our goal is to provide customers with the peace of mind – they know that their properties are being looked after when they are not there.
A security system will tell you that someone has entered a house, but it won't tell you if there is a broken pipe or toilet has overflowed. Indeed, it is becoming standard in many homeowner insurance policies that properties are checked at least every three days to insure against such an occurrence.

Q: How does a patrol service work?
A: Our security team completes the agreed number of checks over a set timeframe. In completing the checks, we make certain all is secure and as it should be. Checks are also scheduled randomly from night to night so they cannot be second-guessed by a third party.
If there is an issue we cannot deal with ourselves, we would refer it to a contact reference, advise them of the situation and wait for their direction.